During the STRP festival 2022 we will present the project Mine is smaller than yours by the Slovenian artist that uses the alias Name:

In this project Name: collaborates with other artists and graffiti writers in the creation of the world’s smallest graffiti, using nanotechnology.
In different locations in Eindhoven, related to the Philips history, we will place 10 new nano graffitis. During the STRP festival visitors can see the videos of the nano graffitis in Eindhoven and other places around the world. There will also be a map so visitors can find the real nano graffitis in public space. Invisible for the naked eye you can only see them when scanning the small QR next to the nanograffiti.
STRP festival is from April 7 till 10 (12-20h).
More info www.strp.nl

Map with Eindhoven nanograffiti
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Mine is smaller than yours in the press:
This is Eindhoven
Eindhovens Dagblad

Pullman Hotel , Vestdijk 47, Eindhoven

Eindhoven artists
In Eindhoven Name: collaborated with the following artists: Antigoon, Boyscout Designer, Guido de Boer, Johan Moorman, Helmut Smits, Jeffrey ’Sektie’ Warlich, Wladimir Manshanden and Zime.

Mine is smaller than yours is curated by Jasper van Es and supported by STRP and EMOVES. All the nano graffiti is made in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific and the Nanocentre Ljubljana. The exhibition is made possible by PINA and Cirkulacija 2. Special thanks to Deniz van de Heuvel and Mapcreator, Vitor van Gaever and Gemeente Eindhoven.

Please contact Jasper van Es if you would like to receive more info or are interested in a visit or tour. Send a message to  info@jaspervanes.nl or +31 6 22 80 10 75.

Video about nano graffiti: https://vimeo.com/263892996



About Mine is Smaller than yours

Ever since the 1980s, the height of the graffiti era in New York City, the graffiti scene has been characterized by artists competing for the largest, most colourful, and eye-catching work. With the project Mine is smaller than yours, the Slovenian artist NAME: cleverly secured his position in the scene. By using a microscope to develop the world’s smallest graffiti, he humorously outdid his colleagues and in doing so directly gave meaning to the existence of “invisible” graffiti in the city. Moreover, unlike other graffiti artists, NAME: is able to place his nano-graffiti in highly visible, extremely bold places with heavy traffic; for example, one of the streetlights next to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris now bears the sign “Veni Vidi Vici.” Although NAME:’s work is not visible to the naked eye, during STRP Festival 2022 you will discover the minuscule graffiti artworks he has spread across Europe.

About Name:

name: (SI) explores the graffiti subculture using different approaches where he thematizes the relationship between legal and illegal interventions. His work is based on the critique that follows on use and disruption of public space. The emphasis lies on the impact and effect that graffiti art has on the public or on social change by addressing specific political, social, and economic conditions.

About Jasper van Es

​​Jasper van Es is a curator and organizer specialized in Graffiti and Urban Interventions.

He is co-owner of PAPERJAM, a creative agency that organizes cultural events. He also works as an advisor for the Mondriaan Fund and is a coach for talented Urban artists in the UC Masters project of EMOVES.


About STRP

STRP Festival 2022: The end of infinity

While the idea of an infinite earth is becoming increasingly improbable, the desire for an eternal life in the digital cloud is growing. STRP Festival 2022 invites artists and the public to think about the meaning of infinity and possible alternative scenarios for our future. What strategies can we devise to break our addiction to material growth? And how can technological progress bring connection instead of abandonment?

From 7 to 10 April 2022, you’ll meet artists, thinkers and performers determined to find answers to these questions. For four days, various locations in the center of Eindhoven will be dedicated to visual art, technological perspectives, experimental dialogues and musical performances.



The objective of EMOVES is to promote urban culture in Eindhoven, by means of several presentations per year and aimed at specific parts of urban culture and sport. EMOVES wants to offer more space for artistic development and create more urban offerings for visitors. The big events get their own weekend and once a year they bring everything together in a smaller, all-encompassing event that will take place in the center of Eindhoven.

About Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher Scientific Eindhoven is one of the largest locations supporting the MSD (Materials and Structural analysis Division). The Eindhoven team of more than 1,100 colleagues is responsible for the development, construction and delivery of high-end transmission electron microscopy, including R&D, software solutions and service.