Jasper van Es is a specialist, curator and organizer specialized in Graffiti and Urban Interventions based in the Netherlands. He is responsible for organizing and curating exhibitions, events and projects that showcase the work of graffiti and urban artists. He is also a coach for talented Urban artists and works as an advisor for the Mondriaan Fonds. He is co-owner of PAPERJAM, a creative agency that organizes cultural events.
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Upcoming exhibitions:
REPAINTING SUBWAY ART @ Paint to Pixel / Museum Leicester (UK)

My latest exhibitions:
REPAINTING SUBWAY ART – TRIPL / FURIOUS Exhibition @ MU Artspace Eindhoven (NL)
OX – Solo show (April/May 2023 @Kevn)
UPRIGHT – Urban Art Open Call (Murals @DeHeuvel)
EAST ERIC / Unchained Melody – Solo show (December @Kevn and @HouseWest_)
BAROEM / Erase & Confuse – Solo show (September/October@3sec.gallery BredaPhoto October @Kevn Eindhoven during DDW)
ANTIGOON – Solo show (July @BUM Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia)
WINDOWS TO THE WORLD – Black&Yellow signpainting jam (June @Emoves Festival)
MINE IS SMALLER THAN YOURS – Nano graffiti exhibition (April @ STRP Festival)
THE LIGHT OF THE BEAST – Artist talk and Mural with Pablo Allison (March @ KEVN)


Selection of projects worth checking out:

REPAINTING SUBWAY ARTA tribute to the front runners of graffiti by Tripl/Furious 

OXA solo show with the French billboard and poster pioneer OX at Kelderman en van Noort.

ANTIGOON x RALPH ROELSEA duo show by the post-graffiti artists in the impressive industrial basement under the skatepark of Area 51.

Windows to the WorldA sign painting and beyond event and platform

Disposable (Teaser) – For an upcoming photo and story project me and BomberJohan created a small teaser exhibition.

#ViralVandalsAn exhibition about the second life of graffiti where the world wide web replaced the streets.

Sorry For Damage DoneA photobook and installation with a database with more than 50.000 photo’s made by the graffiti-cleaners.

Small GesturesA groupshow with 15 international artists adding discreet interventions to the space of MU.


PAPERJAM is a creative agency based in Eindhoven that focuses on creating and promoting cultural events, exhibitions, art installations. Our goal is to help grow cultural events with our skills and network, and work together with talented makers along the way! For our portfolio, please visit www.wearepaperjam.com


Want to ask questions or just want to chat with a coffee or beer?
Don’t hesitate, and get in touch by sending an email to info(@)jaspervanes.nl or follow me on instagram.