On February 9th the massive group show ‘100 ZINES’ opened at Kelderman en van Noort, Eindhoven co-curated by me and Jeroen van Mourik.

Over the years, Stickit (founded by Jeroen van Mourik) has published zines featuring numerous talented artists. Now that Stickit has reached its 100th publication, it was time to put them all together, surrounded by original works from participating artists.

Artists: 108, Abcdef, Andreaswarhier, Aris, Ath1281, Boe, Bouwe Brouwer, CT, Charr Morita, Clemens Behr, Daniel Roozendaal, Dima Gred, Ekta, EMU, Eltono, Erosie, Graphic Surgery, Henny Overbeek, Jake Barnes, James Chong, John Divola, Kairos, Kept, Leander Lauri, Lukas Huber, Martijn Schoemaker, Mellie, Merijn Hos, Michael Swaney, Momo, Nelio Riga, Sems, Sigma, Stas Dobry, Sue975, THWRB3AT, Taku Obata, Tim Head, Willehad Eilers, Wood, Zero, Zorg, Zosen

Exhibition on view until March 24.

Kelderman en Van Noort, Galileistraat 2, Eindhoven

Powered by EMOVES (Stichting Urban Eindhoven)
Curated and organized by Jeroen van Mourik & Jasper van Es
Photos by Chloe Alyshea Emily Video by