Repainting Subway Art @ Leicester Museum

I curated another exhibition of the Repainting Subway Art project by Tripl/Furious at the Leicester Museum in England that opened earlier this month.

Repainting Subway Art by Tripl/Furious is an intriguing example of how a simple joke can evolve into an ambitious project. Tripl/Furious, a Dutch graffiti writer who uses both aliases, began in 2013 with a challenging project—recreating all the train graffiti from the legendary book Subway Art, down to the smallest detail. It took him 10 years to complete, but the result is a monumental tribute to the original writers and photographers.

It’s pretty amazing that a museum (which houses works by Picasso, William Turner, and others) gives space to real graffiti projects.

Thanks so much to the artist for trusting me with his project. And thanks to the organization, museum, and lovely people in Leicester.

You can still visit the show till the end of May!