Go and see it! A show of the new photo series by talented young photographer Baroem at 3 Sec Gallery in Breda during BredaPhoto. I’m super proud to be his coach!
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Baroem – Erase & Confuse

A photo series on public intervention tactics to disorient the invader of Ukraine.

February 24 was not only the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia but also the beginning of an information war. In Russia, the propaganda had started years ago and the first targets in Ukraine were to shut down Ukrainian communications. Hackers from the west also reacted immediately and major Russian media channels such as RT were shut down. But there are also opportunities in the field to mislead the enemy through misinformation and censorship.

The young Dutch photographer Baroem (1997) discovered this when he left the Netherlands for Ukraine in mid-March with a van full of relief supplies. Through a network of graffiti writers, in which Baroem is also active, he ended up in Lviv and Kyiv, where he delivered goods with local guys and fed confused abandoned dogs. Along the way he witnessed removed but also painted over road signs. Brave Ukrainians were urged on social media by Ukravtodor, the State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Defense to remove signage and land markings in order to confuse the invading Russian forces. The Russian army is struggling with poor communication and proved to be unable to navigate well without this signage. This resulted in a series of photos of various roller-painted road signs in both the cities and along the highways.

The series can be seen during Breda Photo in the world’s only drive-by gallery, in Breda.

From September 8 to October 23, 2022 in the Chass├ę Parking, so open 24/7.

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