Location: De Fabriek (Baarsstraat 38, Eindhoven)
June 9 – June 18

It was a great privilege and a lot of fun to collaborate with these three artists on their creative journeys the last two years. As their adventure comes to a close, they are ending it with a bang! A truly remarkable exhibition unfolded in the magnificent hall of artspace De Fabriek. These crazy talented individuals, with deep roots in graffiti culture, came together to showcase their personal evolution as intriguing and accomplished creators. I’m super proud!

Baroem (1997) is an enterprising photographer who seeks out the raw edges of analog photography. He finds his subjects in underground cultures, but he also created a photo series during his trip to Ukraine, capturing the influence of misinformation during the invasion’s outset.

Video by Quintijn Maas & Ralph Roelse

Antigoon (1983) creates machines that apply patterns with markers, spray cans, and other materials. The result is inhumanly perfect and geometric, but with traces of materials made for humans, such as dripping paint, pressed crayons, and pencil marks.

Ralph Roelse (1984) draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of industrial landscapes and translates his experiences into a hybrid form of painting and photography. This results in artworks in which he is able to integrate the bold energy of vandalism with the subtle emotions of painting.