About Windows to the World

Just two years ago i started Windows to the World with my friend Ben Plummer to give sign painters the change to make autonomous work and challenge them along the way. We worked with many talented artists and thanks to the help of many in two years we did two big events in the inner city of Eindhoven, an exhibition at Kelderman en van Noort, an event on Strijp S, an auction to support the local playground during corona, online challenges and collaborations between poets and sign painters. I still love the short docu Eindhoven365 made of us on our first event.

And check the aftermovie of our summer 2021 edition!

ANTIGOON @BUM galerie Ljubljana

Thanks to my friends of the Ljubljana Street Art Festival i had a chance to show the work of one of Eindhovens most interesting artists in Slovenia!

DUM Project Space, Ljubljana / 28 June – 3 July 
Curated by Jasper van Es

Antigoon (Netherlands, 1983) makes machines that apply patterns with markers, spray cans and other materials.The result is inhumanly perfect and geometric. Yet you see the signs of materials that are actually made for humans: dripping paint, pressed crayons and pencilmarks. There is room for imperfection and so the work retains the raw characteristics of graffiti. During the Street Art Festival Antigoon will show different works from his series ‘Mechanical Buffing’ and ‘Ligature’. All works are for sale during opening times. 

DUM Project Space 
Kolodvorska 6, 1000 Ljubljana 
Opening on Tuesday June 28th 19:00-22:00
Opening times Wednesday – Sunday 16:00-20:00 

Antigoon is part of UCMasters in which talented artists are helped in their develop- ment with a grant and guidance.This guidance is coordinated by Jasper van Es. UCMasters is a project by EMOVES and supported by Cultuur Eindhoven, Provincie Noord Brabant and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). 

www.streetartfestival.si | www.antigoon.net | www.emoves.nl/ucmasters
Follow Antigoon on twitter to see his newest work and NFT projects: @antigoon_ 

Windows to the World Jam – Black&Yellow, Black&Yellow!

With my platform Windows to the World I organized the Black&Yellow, Black&Yellow, Black&Yellow jam during the Emoves Festival in june. I think each edition it’s important to experimented and challenge ourselves. This time we also challenged the public, giving them the opportunity to join and tag/write their name in the yellow plexiglass kiosk we build with our friend Dion Visser. And all the invited artists where challenged to only work with black, yellow and a little help of white and orange. Great day! More info here. Thanks Emoves and PluginCity for this collab!!

Nano Graffiti during STRP Festival

For the the STRP festival 2022 i initiated, curated and produced the project Mine is smaller than yours by the Slovenian artist that uses the alias Name:

In this project the innovative artist Name: collaborates with other artists and graffiti writers in the creation of the world’s smallest graffiti, using nanotechnology.
In different locations in Eindhoven, related to the Philips history, we placed 10 new nano graffitis. During the STRP festival visitors could see the videos of the nano graffitis in Eindhoven and other places around the world. There is a map so visitors can find the real nano graffitis in public space. Invisible for the naked eye you can only see them when scanning the small QR next to the nanograffiti.

Already since the 1980s, the height of the New York City graffiti era, the graffiti scene has been marked by artists battling one another to demonstrate the superiority of their skills in terms of every possible parameter (size, color, number, new typography styles) and to occupy the best, most eye-catching spots with their works. In the ever-present street art battles for a graffiti artist’s place under the sun, Name: has used clever moves to assert his visible position on the scene. By developing nanograffiti, the smallest graffiti in the world, he humorously surpassed other graffiti works in size – which is also a way of actually giving meaning to the existence of invisible graffiti in the city streets.

We didn’t get the full funding we needed, but with help from a lot of friends we made it happen! Thanks to all of you!

Map with Eindhoven nanograffiti

More info:

Mural by Pablo Allison

While i invited Pablo for a talk and release a new print we also managed to paint a nice mural in collaboration with the municipality of Eindhoven. Pablo’s goal in his work is to give attention but also strenght towards the migrants going from middle and north America towards the USA. The words he paints are gathered while he joins the migrants on their journey. Thank you Ruud Jacobs for the opportunity!

So happy to get to know Pablo when i invited him for a lecture in KEVN in Eindhoven. And even more happy we had a full house! Thanks all for coming and supporting his cause!

Artist talk with Pablo Allison

Curated by Jasper van Es
Thursday 24 March 20:00
KEVN / Galileistraat 2 / Eindhoven NL

Pablo Allison is a photographer and graffiti writer focusing on the Central American migrants who travel on the train towards the United States. He captures their travels with his photography and honors their courage in his graffiti.
Pablo will come to Eindhoven to talk about his work and share his unique experiences. He will also bring some of his publications related to the project.


KEVN has a bar with food and drinks, so feel free to come early!

Check out this article about Pablo: https://www.redbull.com/gb-en/theredbulletin/pablo-allison-taming-the-beast


Pablo Allison was born in Manchester and grew up in Mexico City. He later returned to live in the UK where he completed his degree in Documentary Photography between the London College of Communication and the University of Wales, Newport. 

He is interested in exploring Ideas such as control, reclusion, displacement, freedom, entrapment and migration among others through his practice.

He is currently working on a ´long term project´ focusing on the landscape of Mexico that goes unnoticed and which is mainly observed only by Central American migrants who travel on the train towards the United States.

His images have been published by The Huffington Post, National Geographic, TeleSur, Vice Magazine, El Pais, Juxtapoz and has contributed with NGO’s such as Amnesty International and ActionAid among others. He currently lives and works in Latin America.

Mural Jeroen Erosie at Chomicha

Beginning of 2022 I curated a Mural by Jeroen Erosie in Woensel West on the restaurant Chomicha. End of 2021 they had a fire in the kitchen… so a lot had to be done to fix the place. After the inside we started on the outside. So happy that one of Eindhovens best muralist/post-graffiti artist accepted the challenge and transformed this restaurant of Mo into an iconic place! Give it a visit and enjoy Mo’s great food!